giovedì 7 giugno 2012

Chocolate and hazelnut cream spread

Nel mio blog esploro la cucina.
Ecco l’appuntamento mensile della ricetta tradotta in inglese: Crema spalmabile di cioccolato e nocciole.
Here is the monthly appointment of the recipe translated into English.

This is a simple and fast recipe if you want to make a chocolate cream to spread on bread for a snack or breakfast:
crema spalmabile di cioccolato e nocciole
1,8 oz (50 gr) of extra dark chocolate,
1,8 oz (50 gr) toasted hazelnuts, 
half a teaspoon (50 gr) of sunflower oil.

Before you start.
Roughly chop the chocolate.
Preparation.Finely chop in food processor, separately, before the nuts and then the chocolate. Only then joining the two ingredients in food processor adding the sunflower oil. Operate and the cream spread becomes ready ............ at the table.
If you advance the cream you can store it in the refrigerator. In this way it will be more consistent, but will always spread.

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