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Party food with spinach, "stracchino" and pine nuts

As promised, I translate into English the recipe that has had more views in the month of January 2012: appetizer or party food with spinach, "stracchino" and pine nuts. Always write your comments to the recipes you'd like translated into English, most of the month displayed will be translated by me.
"Come promesso, traduco in inglese la ricetta che ha avuto più visualizzazioni, nel mese di gennaio 2012: spuntino con spinaci, stracchino e pinoliScrivi sempre i commenti alle ricette che vorresti tradotte in inglese, la più visualizzata del mese sarà da me tradotta."
Spinach, bread, stracchino (which is a soft cheese, creamy, fat and without crust), pine nuts, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Before you start.
Wash the spinach and garlic, the process you can read in the page vegetables, legumes and cereals. Finely chop some garlic. Dice "stracchino".

Here is the preparation of the recipe.
Toast the bread slices and pine nuts in the oven. Put in a pan some olive oil and chopped garlic, light the stove and when the oil sizzles put the spinach. Cover the pan and turn off the stove when the spinach becomes soft (they cook in few minutes), salt and stir. Rub the remaining garlic over the slices of bread. Then put the cooked spinach over the bread slices. Place the cheese cubes over spinach and bake in heated oven until it is slightly soft.   Remove from oven and place the pine nuts over the cheese as in photography and ...... at the table.

If you like you can put the pepper on spinach.

My English may not be perfect, I beg your pardon. I thank you if you will send me by e-mail reports of any errors or inaccuracies. Thanks for the support.

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